Los Alegres Bailadores is a Mexican folkloric dance group that has delivered colorful and truly authentic performances throughout the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota for more than 30 years. 


Los Alegres Bailadores prides itself on preserving Mexican folkloric traditions and strives to teach younger generations and communities Mexican heritage.  This rich heritage shines through the lively repertoire of dances performed by Los Alegres Bailadores, honoring the arts and traditions of the vibrantly beautiful country that is Mexico.



Directora ~ Rebecca Moran Cusick

At a very young age, Rebecca Moran Cusick began to understand the importance of keeping cultural traditions alive to remind us of our cultural identity and to preserve our sense of community. Rebecca’s grandparents, Cresencia and Francisco Rangel, one of the first Mexican migrant families to settle in Minnesota, brought with them the wonderful appreciation and talent of song and dance. Rebecca’s mother continued this tradition for many years by teaching traditional Mexican dances to her seven children, extended family, and friends. At age four Rebecca was performing for parish celebrations, weddings, quinceañeras, and other cultural events. Soon thereafter she joined Ballet Folklorico Guadalupano, a group that was founded and directed by her aunt, Maria Moran, in the former West Side Flats neighborhood. Rebecca’s strong desire to expand her knowledge of Mexican folk dance continued to grow and resulted in an extended stay in Mexico City where she attended La Academia de la Danza Mexicana del Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes under the direction of renowned folkloric dancer and instructor, Amalia Hernandez. Rebecca continued her studies at Instituto MIZOC and formed a close working relationship with her mentor, Maestro Tizoc Fuentez Yaco. Upon her return from Mexico, Rebecca founded Los Alegres Bailadores in 1977. Today, Los Alegres Bailadores is one of the most established folkloric dance groups in the state of Minnesota with students ranging in ages from three years old through adults and a current enrollment of over 100 students. Rebecca travels to Mexico regularly to study and archive folkloric dances that can be introduced to her students in Minnesota. The group’s costumes, music, and rich repertoire of dances are a direct result of Rebecca’s passion to keep this beautiful art alive for generations to come.

Maestra ~ Angela Mendez

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Maestra ~ Jacqleen Moran Cusick

Jacqleen has enthusiastically following her family’s tradition of making Mexican Folklorico dance a part of her everyday life. She has been performing since she was very young and has made countless trips to Mexico to further her studies. Jacqleen is thrilled to join the teaching team so she can share her talents and passion with the students of Los Alegres Bailadores. 

Maestra ~ Wendy Everett

Maestra Wendy joined Los Alegres Bailadores more than 20 years ago and continues to share her talents with L.A.B. students.  Wendy is the mother of three beautiful daughters and enjoys traveling the world.  

Los Alegres Bailadores

Maestra ~ Jazmin Glaser-Kelly

Jazmin Glaser-Kelly comes from a long line of singers, musicians, and dancers. Jazmin began her dancing career at the tender age of 5 under the direction of Rebecca Moran Cusick – Directora of Los Alegres Bailadores.Jazmin moved up the ranks of Los Alegres Bailadores and joined the Masters group at the age of 13. Jazmin continues to dance and has expanded her talents to teaching younger L.A.B students. While attending the U of WI Madison Jazmin knew that her passion would one day call her to return to MN and Los Alegres Bailadores. Upon graduating in 2013 with a Bachelors degree in Human Development and Family Development, Jazmin was reunited with Los Alegres Bailadores as distinguished member of the L.A.B masters group.

Maestra ~ Alicia Villegas

Maestra Alicia Villegas has been a valued member of Los Alegres Bailadores for more than 20 years. Alicia joined L.A.B. as a way to connect with the Mexican Culture. As years past Alicia began sharing her talents and drive as an L.A.B. teacher. Maestra Alicia began teaching as a form in which to share her dedication and love for the art of dance. Performing with L.A.B. and sharing her talents as a teacher has provided Alicia with the opportunity to show her pride and passion for dance and the culture she represents. Alicia is a registered nurse who loves caring for children. To Alicia her nursing career and dance are forever intertwinded by the dedication and passion she carries for both. Alicia has three eqautiful children, all of whom she shares her love of dance with. To Alicia dance has become more than just a hobby, it's part of who she is.

Maestra ~ Serita Huerta Santos

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